Johan & Sanja

…Was the wedding of Johan and Sanja… Exactly like their love… Simple and clear… This
couple has created their common life in Sweden… However, they chose Chalkidiki as the
place of their marriage, because the family of the bride was from there… And they were
right, just because of the fact that only this place was the most appropriate for their own
special day… Their loveable people came from all over the world to celebrate and honor
their connection and live with them all the deep emotions which were obvious.
The groom’s friends decided to combine his preparation with a diving in the swimming –
pool and the bride’s friends to be dressed by using the colors of the Greek summer (blue and
white), to combine their moments with the breathtaking landscape. The bride was really
happy and bright in her simple and unique wedding – dress, while the groom was waiting for
her, wearing his brilliant smile… The moments were extraordinary, emotional and romantic…
And after this, there was the party… From the afternoon until midnight and then, until early
in the morning… And it was full of everything: sentimental speeches from friends and
relatives, crazy dance and songs and unstoppable love… One of them which don’t need
dresses and costumes and jewelries to sparkle… This fact was noticeable even during the
next – day photo – shooting which took place nearby the sea. The couple was also simple
and without shoes, on the warm sand, with white and simple clothes… Exactly like their
relationship which was brighter even than the sunset of the deep Aegean Sea…

Dedicated to the simplicity…

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