Giorgos & Sissy

a dream story in Sp

It was the wedding of Sissy and George… Totally dedicated to the beauty of an
amazing island like Spetses, which created by itself the most unique environment for
a memorable Weekend… Full of music, songs and unstoppable dance… The pre-
wedding party took place in a special villa of the island, with the background of the
well-known songs of the famous Greek singer Paschalis. All the relatives, friends and
family were there, full of happiness, glory and positive feelings!!! The preparation of
the bride and the groom, at their wedding day, was common… Exactly as their life
is… They had their precious appointment in front of the door of the villa, under the
sound of loud music and laughs and just like this, they went hand by hand to the
church… The ceremony was at the yard of the old church of Agia Marina, following
by the words of wisdom and the holy wishes of the priest, who is one of the most
adorable people of this couple. There was a crazy party after the ceremony, with the
voice of the famous Greek pop singer Dionisis Schinas and the Dj Cockneylama, who
were able to make everyone celebrate until early in the morning… For a unique and
beautiful love, which is the most powerful melody in the whole Universe!!!

etses island

a dream story in Spetses island

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