Urban wedding in Thessaloniki, Konstantinos & Georgia

And this happens just in a moment… With a hug or even a glance… Between two people who love each other deeply and unconditionally… Exactly like Georgia and Konstantinos…

The meeting point was at the centre of the city, at the Church of Agia Sofia… He was waiting for her, full of suspense and smiles… Accompanied by all these people who love them and are important parts of their own “happily ever after”… She arrived truly excited and full of emotions… Ready to live their own dreaming fairytale… The ceremony had a sense of simplicity and also aesthetics which were the main characteristics of this couple… After this, it was the party and the music and the endless happiness and the beloved people and the unforgettable moments… At “Ktima Perek” which has its own special and atmospheric magic… Probably, because of the charm of Mount Olympus, which looked impressive and breathtaking…

Everything happened exactly like they had dreamed and planned it… And the time flied and then stopped, in front of a unique love, equal to that memorable day…


A destination wedding in Sifnos Island, Stefanos & Konstantina

My other half…

It is a very difficult search and for a lot of people it is almost an unrealized process…
However, some others are actually lucky and able to live all the things that they

haven’t even dreamed… Konstantina and Stefanos belong to this category… They got
married in Sifnos, with a clear, absolute and unconditional feeling like the crystal blue
water of Aegean Sea, which was the witness of their love… They are not from this
island… They just chose it to make it their own place of emotions and unforgettable
moments… Because the island got into their hearts, directly!!! For this reason they
decided that the small church of Panagia Chryssopigi was the most appropriate place
for their wedding… And so it happened…
For a few days we became a part of their own world… And it was a really magical
world… With laughing, dancing, unstoppable drinking, songs and fireworks that are
able to change the night into morning and enlighten the human souls and lives.
Surrounded by friends from all over the world and beloved people… In an exciting
party under the bright moonlight that had a specific and unique reason of existence:
the pure happiness of a couple, deeply in love to each other… He was a child full of
energy and smiles and she was absolutely crazy in every moment of her life… These
phrases are the ones that would be used by anyone who knows them very well… And
this is their truth… It was like a secret prayer in which they asked from God to
complete the empty pieces of their souls… And God heard and fulfilled their desire!!!
The bride arrived at the church by a small boat and the groom was there, waiting for
her and ready to hold her hand during their most memorable road… The wedding
melody which became their own love song was sung by their family, their party (same
– day and also next – day) was the reason of the non – stop festival mood and the
indescribable happiness that everyone had was the landmark of their new life… The
island by itself contributed to this amazing result… Sifnos!!! A unique and special
place on Earth that has its incomparable beauty… The small streets, the total white
houses, the old and graphic port with the small fishing boats, the rocks and the huge
waves of Aegean Sea and finally, the bright sun setting into the sea and giving its
warm colors to all over the water… All these created the appropriate background like
a card – postal and a love scene of a couple in which, the one is the other half of the
other… For their own “forever”!!!

Nikos & Iro

When thinking about unconditional and true love, even time stops. Nikos and Iro have one of the craziest love stories. If someone was to describe their story, it would be full of strong emotions, colours and snapshots of happiness. They shared these magical moments with us, while they let us be a part of their special wedding day.

Their celebration had everything, Smiles, emotions, happiness, music, dance and a lot of beloved people. Everyone was there for a couple so deeply connected, that
their feelings are revealed when they look each other. Through their silent agreement that they will be together, happily ever after. That’s why we felt lucky and blessed that we had the opportunity to share all these moments with them!

Next day shooting: Greek Summer, end of July, in Voidomatis River, in the whole area of Ioannina. All together we decided that only the colors of the crystal water and the view of this breathtaking landscape were able to make the appropriate background for these two people. And so it happened, once and for all, we created memories about a marriage, like a fairytale.

Dimitris & Katerina

When love has as witnesses the colorful sunset and the clear blue water of Ionian Sea, then the relationship is deep and lasts forever… Dimitris and Katerina had their own destiny: to choose the island of Lefkada for the most special day of their life… Not only because they live there… But obviously, because the island by itself chose them to be a part of it and make there the beginning of their new life… Their ceremony took place by the sea and their non – stop party was full of music, dance, entertainment and laughing until the dawn. Under the glowing moonlight, their celebration had different emotions and feelings! The romantic atmosphere was all over the place and we had no other choice but to surrender to the mood of this crazy night!
Next day shooting: In their island, nearby the sea, playing in the waves and sharing kisses, hugs and unforgettable memories of absolute happiness… Exactly like their love which had the sense and the melody of the sea wind, in their endless life – party!

Thanos & Eleni

The bright light is the real meaning of truth… And the true love can make the faces,
the smiles and the people sparkle… This kind of love is the one between Thanos and
Eleni… Deeply romantic and affectionate, it is the ticket for an eternal journey, with
only one destination: happiness!!! Their wedding day was full of memorable moments
and we were there, with them, to celebrate!!!
The ceremony took place at the most beautiful area of Thessaloniki, the church of
Hagia Sofia, in the heart of the winter, during the most wonderful and glorious period
of the year, Christmas!!! The church by itself was able to create the most unique and
unforgettable emotions… Because of all these, this day, full of special style, beauty,
songs and joy, was only the first page of their unpredictable life – chapter!!!
Next day shooting: Where else??? In the City of Light… In Paris!!! In any case, a
relationship like this has only one place in the whole world to blossom…The most
romantic city of all, with the monument – reference to love, the Eiffel Tower!!! The
Seine with its impressive bridges, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Museum, the
Sacré-Coeur, the Montmartre, the Christmas Market of Champs-Élysées and the
amazingly decorated Parisian streets, were only the main background of a special and
powerful love which created to all of us spontaneous and intense smiles… And this is
the reason why even the most colorful and popular corners of the world look like
boring and monotonous map points… Actually, Love in Paris…!!!

Baby pilot photo session

Όλα ξεκίνησαν όταν η Ελίνα και ο Αλέξανδρος είχαν την ιδέα να κάνουν τις φωτογραφίες του Νικόλα-Μάριου με θέμα πιλότου, καθώς όλη η βάπτιση του ήταν γύρω από το ίδιο θέμα.. Οπότε ψάξαμε να βρούμε το πιο όμορφο καπέλο πιλότου, με γυαλιά πιλότου και έτσι ξεκίνησε η πιο “ιπτάμενη” φωτογράφιση μωρού.

Παρόλο που το μοντέλο μας μόλις μερικών μηνών μας έδωσε αμέτρητα χαμόγελα και μία από τις πιο όμορφες φωτογραφικές συνεδρίες μωρού που έχω πραγματοποιήσει!

Photoshooting of Elena’s Verikiou new Hair Salon

Η Έλενα δημιουργεί νέες τάσεις και υπηρετεί τη μόδα από το 2010, φέτος ξεκίνησε τη νέα συνεργασία της με την L’Oreal Proffessionel και δημιούργησε ένα ναό ομορφιάς στο κέντρο της Θεσσαλονίκης, το Salon Emotion

Construction: Ergo – Trust

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