Timo & Torsten

When two pure and admirable souls meet each other, the whole Universe makes
everything to create a special day for them, in order to combine their lives forever…
Exactly in the way that both of them have imagined… Bright and full of sun and
happiness!!! Timo and Torsten are two people who travelled to Greece and
specifically speaking to Chalkidiki, to start their new and common life together,
nearby the sea and under the summer sunset… All the people that they love were
there; dressed in white, ready to participate in the party of love and happiness!!! The
ceremony was one day earlier than the scheduled one, because of the bad weather
conditions. But nothing could stop all the emotions to dominate the place and the
people’s hearts!!! The famous pop singer Daria Reich was responsible not only for
the ceremony, but also for the fiesta dedicated to a couple full in love!!! The two
grooms went to their special meeting point, nearby the sea, with their two mothers
who were deeply sure for their children’s destiny… And then… Music and songs and
dance and laughs and a night full of real love and wishes, created the perfect album
of grooms’ memories, for their own dream, to their own eternity… In any case, the
real and unconditional love is the only thing that keeps forever… Anything else,
simply, doesn’t matter…

For an unconditional love….

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Nikos Arvanitidis Photography - Thessaloniki
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