Moritz & Nikoleta

Moritz and Nikoleta are a couple coming from Germany, who decided to live their
own fairytale in Greece, Chalkidiki, nearby the blue sea… And they did it, in order
to make their vows travel by the crystal waves to their immortality and their destiny,
which is only the indescribable happiness!!! Their rings were the signs of their
relationship, their bright smiles were proofs of their endless love and the chaplets on
their heads made by leaves of olive trees were the symbols of their feelings which
remain deep and stable during the years… The whole place, Nefeli Estate at Nea
Skioni in Halkidiki, was decorated with white flowers and the crazy summer mood,
which was totally related to the hot weather, made the scenery unbelievable and really
magic. The landscape was the most appropriate one for the vow exchange of a couple,
whose emotions were absolutely obvious through their eyes… Beyond no doubts, you
could have realized it from the manner of how these two people were looking at each
other and expressing their unconditional connection… They did it their way,
surrounded by their beloved ones, with a unique and special target: to celebrate this
amazing day more than they had already imagined!!! And so it was… Lots of hugs,
laughs, dances and songs… To be honest, only like this, someone is able to swear for
a lifetime!!!!

Eternal relationship vows!!!

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Nikos Arvanitidis Photography - Thessaloniki
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