January 5, 2021

Thanos & Eleni

From Paris with love…

From Paris with love…

The bright light is the real meaning of truth… And the true love can make the faces,
the smiles and the people sparkle… This kind of love is the one between Thanos and
Eleni… Deeply romantic and affectionate, it is the ticket for an eternal journey, with
only one destination: happiness!!! Their wedding day was full of memorable moments
and we were there, with them, to celebrate!!!
The ceremony took place at the most beautiful area of Thessaloniki, the church of
Hagia Sofia, in the heart of the winter, during the most wonderful and glorious period
of the year, Christmas!!! The church by itself was able to create the most unique and
unforgettable emotions… Because of all these, this day, full of special style, beauty,
songs and joy, was only the first page of their unpredictable life – chapter!!!
Next day shooting: Where else??? In the City of Light… In Paris!!! In any case, a
relationship like this has only one place in the whole world to blossom…The most
romantic city of all, with the monument – reference to love, the Eiffel Tower!!! The
Seine with its impressive bridges, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Museum, the
Sacré-Coeur, the Montmartre, the Christmas Market of Champs-Élysées and the
amazingly decorated Parisian streets, were only the main background of a special and
powerful love which created to all of us spontaneous and intense smiles… And this is
the reason why even the most colorful and popular corners of the world look like
boring and monotonous map points… Actually, Love in Paris…!!!

From Paris with love…

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