January 22, 2021

Nikos & Iro

Like a fairytale

Like a fairytale

When thinking about unconditional and true love, even time stops. Nikos and Iro have one of the craziest love stories. If someone was to describe their story, it would be full of strong emotions, colours and snapshots of happiness. They shared these magical moments with us, while they let us be a part of their special wedding day.

Their celebration had everything, Smiles, emotions, happiness, music, dance and a lot of beloved people. Everyone was there for a couple so deeply connected, that
their feelings are revealed when they look each other. Through their silent agreement that they will be together, happily ever after. That’s why we felt lucky and blessed that we had the opportunity to share all these moments with them!

Next day shooting: Greek Summer, end of July, in Voidomatis River, in the whole area of Ioannina. All together we decided that only the colors of the crystal water and the view of this breathtaking landscape were able to make the appropriate background for these two people. And so it happened, once and for all, we created memories about a marriage, like a fairytale.

Like a fairytale

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