January 5, 2021

Dimitris & Katerina

Non stop party

Non stop party

When love has as witnesses the colorful sunset and the clear blue water of Ionian Sea, then the relationship is deep and lasts forever… Dimitris and Katerina had their own destiny: to choose the island of Lefkada for the most special day of their life… Not only because they live there… But obviously, because the island by itself chose them to be a part of it and make there the beginning of their new life… Their ceremony took place by the sea and their non – stop party was full of music, dance, entertainment and laughing until the dawn. Under the glowing moonlight, their celebration had different emotions and feelings! The romantic atmosphere was all over the place and we had no other choice but to surrender to the mood of this crazy night!
Next day shooting: In their island, nearby the sea, playing in the waves and sharing kisses, hugs and unforgettable memories of absolute happiness… Exactly like their love which had the sense and the melody of the sea wind, in their endless life – party!

Non stop party

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Nikos Arvanitidis Photography - Thessaloniki
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