Nikos & Eliza

Nikos and Elisa lived their own special fairytale… They created it by painting their
dream, using all the bright colors of their love and the sun. This hot sun of Santorin
was the dominant element of their wedding picture… According to a lot of people,
Santorin is the most magical place of Greece and to be honest, because of its beauty,
we were all forced to agree with this… We were just speechless in front of this

scenery!!! The brightness in parallel with the unique view, the pure and endless blue
of the sea and the sky and finally, the colors of the most famous sunset of the world
were able to make us feel ecstatic!!! However, none of this emotions and images
was stronger than the love of a couple, who decided to get married in Thessaloniki
and brighten their lives and hearts in the island of Cyclades. The ceremony took
place at the church of Saint George, in Krini (Thessaloniki), nearby the sea. Both of
them were happy and sure for their decision and they lived these amazing moments
with having everyone whom they love by their side… The main color was the blue,
exactly like the crystal blue water of Aegean Sea which reflects emotions and
smiles… Their party was in Porto Palace Hotel of Thessaloniki and although there
were (until then) restrictions all over the country about COVID-19, nothing was able
to make this one and only feeling less powerful… And after this, it was just the island
of Santorin, with its own unforgettable sun… This sun made our hearts warmer than
never before and all the images became bright memories…. Forever!!!

Under the light of the sunset….

If you like what you see, don't hesitate,

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Nikos Arvanitidis Photography - Thessaloniki
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