Thomas & Evie, the party of our life

In northern Greece there is a saying that “there is no better place than Chalkidiki”! It is because of those wonderful seas, those beautiful sceneries, and all those places that can offer you amazing summer nights! One of those places is Chelona beach bar! The place were Thomas and Evi chose to have their beautiful wedding ceremony and a CRAZY wedding party!
So by the sea, under the sun and with the help of the sand, they exchanged vows and they received wishes from family and beloved ones… But the memory that will stay with me forever was that insane party!!!! Up until morning people from all over the world were dancing to all types of music!!!! Smiles, glitter, a rain of champagne, a groom reaching the sealing because of how high his friends threw him and a beach bar that was shaking of their jumps as if there was an earthquake… those are some of my memories that I captured with my camera so as to help Thomas and Evi remember those moments forever!!

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