Christening Konstantinos Rafail 2017-03-28T22:31:18+00:00

Project Description

When the atmosphere is full of love, then the only possibility is that the most beautiful images of the world are created!
Vasili and Mei, we wish your son to have a life full of love, so much love as he enjoyed this unique day!!!
Wishing all the Konstantinos-Rafail’s parties to be as perfect as the wonderful party you organized for him!!!! …and hoping that he is going to invite us also to all the next parties of his life…

Special thanks to Fedra Konstandinidi, Vasilis Kandarakis and Ioanna Delipalta for filming this piece of art.

Aerial shots by Nikos Arvanitidis
Edit and color correction by Fedra Konstandinidi, thank you!!!